Robert King

  - author of 'Time Ahead' and 'Medira'

'Existential SciFi'

I believe this best describes the work I've done thus far in the Memoirs on Being Series. In the series, I explore themes of isolation, regret, despair, and meaning - set against the backdrop of science fiction. Removing man from his natural world of understanding and predictability, and into an unfamiliar landscape, provides me a mechanism for highlighting and contrasting a variety of existential themes.


My descent into the political has begun to bleed onto the page. While working on the final installment of Memoirs on Being, I've written a couple of flash fiction pieces. The first, a mini political commentary, still fell somewhere into SciFi. The second took me straight into a dark commentary on American values.

About the Memoirs on Being Series

 Book I 

Time Ahead is the first in the series. This book introduces us to Stan, who wakes one morning in the unfamiliar. He's wasted so much time in himself, and now it appears to be to late to salvage anything from his gluttonous life. His journey in a post-apocalyptic world is one of regret, isolation, and the struggle to find and act, upon hope.


Book II

In Medira we meet William. William is an average guy, with an average life. A good, solid, dependable type. At 46 years old, what sets him apart is no memory of his life before 33. He was found semi-conscious 13 years ago, with no memory of who he was, or where he came from. Medira explores William's journey of remembering, along with his initial foray into the absurd.


Book III

Coming in 2015

An early preview of Chapter I can be read here


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